1012868Photographers often get confused when they have to choose a tripod head with the various different types available. It especially gets difficult as it depends on what you are shooting. In all instances should your gear compliment your photography and not making the job harder or getting in the way. Here is a quick breakdown of the best tripods heads:

Ball Heads are the most popular and frequently used for all types of photography. It has a rotating ball that allows for positioning of the camera in almost any imaginable way. This ball head also comes with a locking screw allowing the photographer to lock it into the desired position. It allows for great flexibility in how the camera interacts however it also makes minor adjustments rather difficult once into position.

Pan and Tilt heads have two axis that allows for independent panning or tilting of the camera. In order to move the pan and tilt head in making camera positioning easy, you simply twist to unlock. They are easier to make a minor adjustment even though it takes up more space than ball heads.

Fluid heads are essentially a pan and tilt head even though it is geared towards video work. Even though you can unlock and lock it, the head features “drag” that allows for different amounts of friction during tilting or panning. It is simpler ans easier when you are looking for smooth control during video shooting.

Pistol Grip Heads are similar to ball heads but as oppose to using knobs to loosen a ball, you have a pistol grip and it is a firm favorite for many photographers that dislike fumbling with the head of the tripod.

Gimbal Heads on the other hand are excellent for wildlife photography as it holds a lens centered to tripods while still offering flexibility as a handheld.